Jason Warman

BHSc Acupuncture, Dip. Acupuncture, Dip. Chinese Massage

Jason Warman

Jason began his passion in Chinese medicine over 15 years ago  in his home country of the United States. Introduced to Chinese medicine through martial arts, he quickly became intrigued and started spending one on one time learning from a local Chinese herbalist. After traveling to New Zealand to study Chen Tai Chi, he decided to enrol into the Chinese medicine program at New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004. At NZSATCM Jason was fortunate enough to have had many great teachers such as Debra Betts, a leading authority and world renowned author on acupuncture and maternity care. Since the birth of his first son in 2010, Jason devotes a good portion of his clinical practice to maternity care and working with local midwifes.

After graduating, Jason quickly became engaged in clinical practice working along side a very busy sports medicine clinic that catered to various high end athletes. Jason enjoyed working in this environment and started mentoring with Matt Callison to further his skills in sports medicine and orthopaedics. Matt is a world renowned sports doctor, acupuncturist, author and creator of the AcuSports Certificate program. During this time Jason not only worked on a majority of professional rugby and league players, but also become the primary acupuncturist for Surfing New Zealand during the 2009 and 2010 competitive seasons. This also lead to Jason being one of the onsite therapists for the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Juniors Surfing Championships held in Piha, NZ in 2010.

After spending 3 years studying Matt’s unique combination of sports medicine and acupuncture, Jason decided to put more focus into the ancient origins of acupuncture and commenced his training in the family system of Tung’s acupuncture under the direct disciple Dr. Wei-Chieh Young in early 2012. Master Tung’s family system is infamous for its ability to produce dramatic and instant pain relief with using acupuncture. Since then Jason has travelled the globe to further his knowledge of the Tung’s family system, mostly training with Dr. Young in Los Angeles and then in 2017 travelling to Taiwan to intern with another direct disciple Dr. Wu Yong-Lin.

To enhance his diagnosis skills Jason started studying a unique pulse system developed by legendary Dr. Wei-Yen Chang. Jason was first introduced to this system in 2014 and after many years of study, Jason decided to travel to Los Angeles to intern with Dr. Chang in 2016. Jason employs this system with every patient to help understand the true nature of the patients condition. He also holds small workshops on Dr. Chang’s pulse system to help spread and share such a valuable system to colleagues and students of TCM.

In the past year Jason has gone on to learn from the historic Dr. Zhu. Dr. Zhu is one of the founding creators of scalp acupuncture which is famous for its ability to regain motor function with paralysis patients that have been affected by stroke, spinal cord injuries or brain damage. This  powerful acupuncture system has created a new interest for Jason in his clinical practice.

In 2015 Jason commenced his teaching career with Endeavour College of Natural Health on the Gold Coast, where he works as a clinical supervisor and lecturer to the next generation of Chinese medicine practitioners.

Jason is passionate about equality and empowerment, his approach with starting Coastal Community Acupuncture was to create a clinic that makes Chinese medicine available and affordable to all while upholding these morals. He draws from all of his experience to give the best results he can with all of his patients. Jason looks forward to helping you to better health today.

Christopher Potter

Professional Member of RAoA, B.A. , Dip. Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies, Advance Dip. Yoga Teaching

Chris Potter Reflexologist Coastal Community Acupuncture

Originally from Sydney, Chris obtained his first formal qualification in a complimentary healing modality by completing his Reflexology Practitioner Course at The Central London School of Reflexology in 2002.

Having subsequently spend many months learning Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Foot Massage in Thailand, he gained the bulk of his initial experience whilst living in Berlin and working on UK, US and Swiss Yoga students on retreat in Spain, Turkey & Italy.

Returning to Australia and living in Melbourne, Chris also completed his Diploma of Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies in 2007 and an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching in 2011. In order to maintain ongoing professional membership with the peak body associations for each of the modalities he practices, Chris is constantly updating his professional skills, knowledge & techniques.

Having run his own private Yoga & Massage business in Melbourne up until 2018, he also offered treatments to the wider community through both paid and volunteers sessions at Launch Housing Crisis Accommodation, Windana Drug & Alcohol Withdrawal, The City of Stonnington, Sacred Heart Mission and Vision Australia.

Having recently moved up to the Tweed Coast in order to be closer to family, Chris brings nearly 20 years of training and experience into the area and we are very pleased to have him as part of our amazing team here at Coastal Community Acupuncture.

Reflexology is an extremely relaxing, revitalising and therapeutic treatment which uses the feet as a mirror for the structure & function of the entire body. Thumb pressure is applied to reflex points in order to assess and treat specific areas of imbalance, tender points indicating which corresponding part/s of the body are potentially congested. By accessing and encouraging the body’s own innate healing mechanisms, Reflexology rebalances the body by calming over-active and stimulating under-active areas through the feet, a sensitive end point for some of the body’s major nervous & meridian (energy) networks.

Chris’ additional knowledge & experience with Shiatsu Acupressure and it’s relationship to Traditional Chinese Medicine physiology makes his skill set very unique and a perfect match for our clinic here at Cabarita Beach.

Our vision in the clinic is to use the amazing modality of Reflexology as another way to de-stress and promote deep relaxation and / or address any chronic or acute health concerns you may be currently experiencing – by having a Reflexology as a stand-alone or by adding it on to your next Acupuncture session – just ask us how!